Closing down Sales!

Hi lovelies, 

While it had been a fantastic run with you guys, I guess most of you might have guessed that theSideWalks will be discontinuing this business; mainly because we are so busy with the other side of life. :( 

So after much deliberation, we’ll like to bring you guys one last sale- and to clear all outstanding stocks. (Please note that items that have been removed from this page is no longer available. ) Here goes!

Nail Polishes/OCC Lip Tars (Applicable for ALL brands listed on theSideWalks)

1 item available at $7.00

Any 3 items for $20.00

Any 5 items for $32.00

Enjoy shopping! :)

Please place your orders by filling up the order form located at the ‘Order Form’ tab, or email us at:



2 responses to “Closing down Sales!

  1. hi there…. so. are there still any items left to purchase?

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