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60 responses to “Order Form

  1. Hi,

    I would like to know whether will you be bringing in more of the following items:

    Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Collections
    Serena Williams Glam Slam Duo

    Thanks! =)

    • Hi Sheryl,

      Just to apologize, your comment was marked under spam- dunno why also. :( Burlesque has been discontinued from my supplier already. Sucks coz I had wanted to get a collection for myself too. Lol, nonetheless, should there be further assistance, you know where to find me!


  2. Hi,
    I hope I’m not too late, but do you by any chance still carry any stock of OPI from the ‘Shrek’ collection??


  3. Hi, Do you stil have stock for Nubar 2010? Would like to get one!~

  4. Hi, can i go to yr shop in Clementi and purchase directly? thanks

    • Hi Tina,

      The shop in Clementi isnt mine, it was a free advertorial for a lady i know. :) I operate only on a blogshop basis. <3

      Do let me know if you would be okay with postage mailing, if you are interested and I would follow up with you again. Thanks and have a great Vesak Day! :)

  5. hi, can i have nubar 2010 and holographic northern lights?

  6. also, do you have OPI Dulce De Leche, OPI Samoan Sand, OPI Tickle My France-y?

  7. Hi dear! Do you still have the following polishes in stock? =)
    Nubar V for Men
    OPI Silver Shatter
    OPI Black Onyx

    • Hi Mandy,

      Yes we do have the following polishes in stock. I will be emailing you to notify you on the payment details should you be interested :) Thanks! <3

  8. hello, i would like to know if i could order the seche vite fast dry top coat from here. thank you.

    • Hi Joyce,

      So sorry! Seche Vite is now out of stock already. :/ Thank you for the support however, and should there be further assistance required, please do email/comment anytime! <3

  9. Hi babe, may I know if you will be putting the OPI and Pirates of the Carribean collection up for sale! If so, when? Thanks! :)

  10. any instocks for china glaze CRUSHED CANDY?


  11. Hi! I really wanna buy a bottle of For Audrey by China Glaze. I understand it’s out of stock now, but you do stock regularly for it. I would like to be notified via email when you do stock this colour. when do you think the next stock will come in? I’ll definitely grab a couple of bottles. (:thanks!

    • Hi Su,

      So sorry, I just saw that your comment has been directed into spam -.- Sure, not a problem, in fact, stock for it should be arriving next week monday- I will notify you when it arrives.

      Thanks! :)

  12. Hi,
    may i know if you have:
    China glaze: broken hearted
    Nubar 2010
    Colour club Fashion Addict


  13. Hi, for cc’s revvvolution, is it the holo ver? bcoz i heard that there’s two versions of it

  14. Hello dear! do you have chinaglaze ‘for audrey’? thank you! im looking for it! :D

  15. Hi sorry i think i accidentally sent a few orders, but just to confirm, its
    Name: Michelle
    Email: michelle.vlim@gmail.com
    Product Name / Quantity: China Glaze/1
    Colour (If Applicable): For Audrey
    Address for Postage: 51 Hillview Ave #05-04 Singapore 669565

  16. Hello! i am thinking of buying some bottles and I would like to know if they will be sent together.

  17. Hi :)
    Do you ship internationally? If so, please, whats the rate to ship to Brazil?

  18. Hi! Will you be bringing in OCC lip tar in hush & complex?

  19. Will you be selling sample sized?
    Really feel like buying 3 but thats gonna be too ex =p

  20. Then I think I’ll just get hush =) Thank you!

  21. Hello, is the China Glaze Lubu Heels Ruby pumps still available? Can i meet up for collection :)?

  22. Hi Could I check if you have the following, and their price (Sgd)? Thanks!
    1) Nubar 2010
    2) Nubar Tiara
    3) China Glaze Shooting stars
    4) OPI Who needs a prince?

  23. Hi, do u have the Rainbow Connection and The Minis under the Muppets Collection? What about NUBAR WHITE and BLACK POLKA DOTS Glitter Set? Thanks!

  24. Hi! I would like to have the following:
    1 x Nubar 2010
    1 x Nubar V for Men

    • Hello Xiuling,

      Much apologies but both are now out of stock! :/ However, if you might be still interested, I could specially order V for Men in for u. It would require approximately 2 weeks wait, do revert if you might be interested! <3

  25. Hi!
    ok can you order tt for me pls~
    will you be taking in orders for nubar2010?
    do let me know how i pay. (first timer =P)
    thx!! =)

  26. Hi, just asking do you have:
    Color Club: Fashion Addict
    China Glaze: Material Girl
    China Glaze: CG in the city
    China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

    thanks <3

  27. Also asking if you have:
    Essie’s Smooth Sailing

    thanks for your trouble! <3

    • Hi Mi.hk,

      I do have the following- Fashion Addict, CG in the City and Fast Forward Top Coat still available. :) Essie’s Smooth Sailing and MAterial Girl are both out of stock currently. Should you still be interested, i will be providing you with an invoice for them, otherwise, no replies would be required! :) Thanks!

  28. Do you have nubar prize?
    If possible i would like to have
    CG in the city, Fast forward top coat & nubar prize. :P

    sorry for the trouble! theres so many nice colours around :X

  29. Can the”China Glaze” series be used as dot design? I m looking nail polish to be used as dot design done by dotting tool. Alternately, pls recommend the type of nail polish suitable for dots. Thks

    • It really depends on the formulation of the nail polish. Within each brand, there are many different formulations for each polish, thereby to point out if CG might be good for it would be tough. Personally on a broader aspect, my preference would be towards using pastels; black etc for dotting designs.

  30. Hi do you have stocks for the following:
    Golden Rose Scale Effect #06
    Colour Club Fashion Addict.


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