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Color Club’s Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em from their Wild at Heart Collection has always been one popular shade at theSideWalks! And you’d perhaps understand why, judging from the photo swatches below…

As quoted from Scrangie: “Love ‘Em, Leave ‘Em. Light warm gold with subtle holographic effect…It’s a very dense, very warm toned light brown gold shimmer.”

id f(Photos Credits:
joyluscious_ColorClub_love_em_leave_em(Photo Credits:
39(Photo Credits:

Limited bottles remaining! :)


I love flakies. But lets admit it, they are 1. Really difficult to find in Singapore and 2. Readily available flakies from Nfu.Oh are very expensive ( At approximately SGD$48 or so?). So imagine our joy when we came across a new brand of nail polish containing flakies- Golden Rose: Scale Effects! Definitely felt like Christmas came early:) Here it is-

(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:

Golden Rose Scale Effects 06 is a Green and Blue Flakies in a Clear Base.

(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:


DISCOUNT (11th October 2011): Love to layer your nail polishes as a way to spice up your manicures? I do. And for this, naturally I would count on Nubar to add the extra ‘oomph’ from the bottle! Introducing a glittery nail polish off Nubar’s Royal Gems collection; check out…


(Photo Credits:

[Nubar Tiara] ‘..see the glitter take on all kinds of shades- yellow, gold, pastel green, pastel blue, orange, pink… Pastel iridescent.’-

Tiara: A sheer opalescent glitter with a slightly cloudy base. Layer it over any nail polish and it goes from pretty to ‘Oh WOW’. See what i mean when you view the swatches below!


Silver Shatter

Blue Shatter

(*No ownership of these photos are claimed under theSideWalks blogshop)

OPI: Pink Shatter

Breast cancer awareness month might have been over (October is the official month), but hey- the issue is not in the month, but in the support! Continue the support  with OPI as they launch their breast cancer awareness polish- the Pink Shatter!

The latest launch from OPI for the Shatter series, this shade tallies the Shatter collection to a total of 9 different shades, with China Glaze still leading at 12.

Swatches of the Pink Shatter over various base shades

(Photo Credits:

Wearing your heart on your sleeves has never been this fun and, what’s best? Meaningful! :)

(Photo Credits:

Nubar: Nubar Jeans Collection

Discount (20th February 2012):  We know that Chanel has created a winning collection in Les Jeans De CHANEL when ladies snapped the trio up like hotcakes, after the collection’s debut during the Fashion’s Night Out Event.

Les Jeans De CHANEL is a limited edition collection and no longer available for sale.

(Photo Credits:

So it is no surprise that it was only a matter of time before dupes to the successful shades will begin emerging in the market, allowing lesser mortals like myself- get my hands on them at a more affordable price! :D

(P.S: Just one bottle of it from Chanel costs similar to the retail price of this entire collection!)

Introducing, the Nubar Jeans Collection!! :)

Faded Jeans – a light blue shimmer

Boyfriend Jeans – a medium blue creme (SOLD OUT)

Dark Wash Jeans – a dark blue creme (SOLD OUT)

See how Nubar compare against Chanel…

(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:

At least these jeans will always fit…

Color Club: Snake Skin

Discount (20th February 2012): Snakes might be scary and dangerous; but it is undeniable that they also bear sleek, luxuriant and gorgeous skins! Part of the untamed luxury collection from Color Club, theSideWalks is pleased to present- Snakeskin!

Because nothing explains better than reviews as presented by nail polish gurus, here are two of many great reviews:

As quoted from Scrangie: ‘Snakeskin. This one is really nice. It’s a metallic silver base- not quite a true foil but with definite metal properties. It has a strong green tone to it but it’s still mostly silver/grey. The best feature is the tiny gold microglitter. It all combines to actually give the appearance of true snake skin. Crazy! Really pretty and not lumpy like the others!

(photo credit:

Quote from http://makeupmasala.comSnakeskin constantly mesmerizes me. Is it gray, is it green, do I see gold in there or silver?  Is it a foil, a chrome or a metallic?  Whatever it is, it’s simply gorgeous.

Color Club: Electronica

“Electronica. Deep sparkling purple. This color is actually purple, despite how blue it looks in my picture. Purples are just, for some reason, impossible to photograph. They always come out blue no matter what I do!! Anyway, Electronica is AMAZING. One of the best purples ever. It’s deep but not too dark or black looking and it’s packed with shimmer, miniature ‘flakies’ and even what appears to be microglitter, though there is no hint of roughness to this polish. Perfection.”


(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:

Meadow Sparkle

Nubar Meadow Sparkle is a pale and delicate silvered light green glitter in a tinted base and sure as hell yells out “SPRING!” to me- which in Singapore; seems to be suitable for everyday wear :)

(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:

Nubar: Fire Sparkles


Fiery but aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

(Photo credits to:

Nubar: Night Sparkles

(Photo Credits to:

Deep sparkly blue. Add elements of a mystical appeal to your overall outfit with Night Sparkles!

(Photo Credits:

So pretty! Im in love with it.

Color Club: Wild & Willing

From Color Club’s Wild at Heart Collection comes- Wild & Willing!

(Photo Credits:

[It is] a beautiful Gold-coral-orange-green-pink multichromatic pearl shimmer…It’s mainly pink and gold and on the edges you can see this really cool greenish gold duochrome. And this isn’t your average shimmer, either- it’s made of little round crystal pearls of shimmer.

– Scrangie

(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:

Wanna know something wild about this nail polish?

With its thin, smooth but not watery formulation, this shade is the perfect complement for layering.

Swatches of Wild and Willing layered over Black/Dark Shades

(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:

Are you as smitten over it as I am? :)


Crushed Candy (Teal) and Broken Hearted (Pink) of the China Glaze Crackle Glaze Collection is finally available back here after a long hiatus!

Remember me?


Some…or most, might find Crushed Candy highly reminiscent to the tone of China Glaze: For Audrey. Well, you are definitely not off the mark, Crushed Candy appears just slightly darker than For Audrey; with the exception that it CRACKLES! (Boy, I had better make a triple check on each of the orders made for this colour, dont want no mistake in sending out For Audrey! :D)

Check out the gorgeous swatches below:

(Photo Credits:

Next up…

Broken Hearted

Based on prior orders, Broken Hearted is definitely the most popular amongst the Crackle Glaze Collection fans. Used against any base polish, this shade of pink stands out bold and unapologetic. It is the Pink with an edge..Or, when single Barbie goes rock because, who needs Ken?

Some Broken Hearted swatches:

(Photo Credits:

Sufficiently teased by these lovely swatches?


Instock: No longer new to the crackle scene, China Glaze introduces a Metalic Crackle collection following the successful launch of their initial crackle collection.

(photo credits:

Adjectives to use on this collection? Pretty. Fancy. Sparkling.Enticing.Shimmering.Ethereal.Pretty.Mesmerizing. But lets cut words short here and let us show you what we mean with the following swatches of Haute Metal, Cracked Medallion, Tarnished Gold and Oxidized Aqua.

Haute Metal

A light, rosy pink metallic foil crackle topcoat.

Tarnished Gold

A neutral and almost taupe-toned gold foil crackle topcoat.

Oxidized Aqua

A silver based light aqua blue crackle topcoat. Foily finish.

(Photo credits:
(Photo Credits:

And good news for crackle/shatter fans! – Proving that the team behind China Glaze has heard our distress, the formulation for this collection is much thinner than the former, and does not dry up around the neck of the bottle as fast in comparison to the original formulation!

‘These shades are a little watery and therefore rather sheer, but it all works out in the end. Once they crackle, they shrink up/bunch together a little which makes them more opaque. ‘ (Quote:


A timeless classic in the Crackle/Shatter world, theSideWalks is going back to Black; this time round from the China Glaze Crackle Collection, Black Mesh.

(Photo Credits:

Watch Black Mesh transform and create an edge in your nails with every developing crackle. For a wider split, apply a thicker layer of Black Mesh on top of your base coat. For smaller splits, apply a shallow layer of it.

(Photo Credits: Flickr User)
(Photo Credits: Flickr User)
(Photo Credits:

China Glaze: It’s Alive

BOOYAH! In time for halloween, China Glaze introduced a range of nail polishes just for this occasion! While we do not carry every shade of the collection, we would like to present here- It’s Alive!

As quoted from temptalia:

It’s Alive: ‘is a blackened-olive green base with murky olive green micro-glitter and larger particle glitter. I like how the base color looks like a pool of murkiness–I think the play of really light color compared to the base creates that effect. I only needed two coats for opaque color, and the formula was easy to work with; not too thick or thin, good flow, and coverage.  It is rather different from Zombie Zest, actually–darker and glittery.’

Wow. It’s Alive is definitely a fun glitter-packed nail polish all captured in a bottle. Bet Ke$ha would have been proud.


(Photo Credit:
(Photo Credits:
(Photo Credits:

CG in the City is a glittery nail polish that contains light purple, purple, bronze, black and silver glitter that is suspended in a clear base.

(Photo Credits:

Works well alone (Builds up easily alone with 3 coats) but if you’d love to layer; CG in the City is a great complement to any shade of nail polish and as the swatches below would show- under dark bases!

(Photo Credits:

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